Bay Blasts and Coastal Shock » Cardiff Jet
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Bay Blasts & Coastal Shock

15min Bay Blast - £10 per person

A staple of Cardiff Bay since 2008.  The 15min Bay Blast is a full on rush of speed and thrills around the Bay.

This has become our most popular trip at only £10 per person, come and try this fast and thrilling trip for yourself, always under the direct control of our experienced and fully qualified expert drivers. More fun than a human deserves!

1 hour Coastal Shock - £25 per person

This is one of our most popular trips. After boarding the vessel our expert skippers will head towards Cardiff Barrage for a look out to sea, heading through this multi-million pound structure is an experience itself and you can see it at its best from within. Once into the Bristol Channel you will cruise along the Welsh coastline taking in the sights of Penarth, Lavernock Point and Sully before powering off around Flat Holm Island. We will conclude with a fast trip back to Cardiff Barrage Locks before returning you safely back to Mermaid Quay.